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We produce various sizes and types of safety fasteners, and can customize a unique safety nut and tamper proof screwdriver head matched with the nut for customers. each customer with professional and affordable solutions to solve their security needs, anti-theft needs, If you need, please feel free to contact us

Influencing factors for locking the safety nut

Influencing factors for locking the safety nutThe maximum unscrewing torque is affected by many factors. For the research on the low-cycle fatigue performance of the locking safety nut, the pitch…

Advantages of Spiralock Safety Nuts

(1) The first is the good seismic relaxation of¬†Spiralock Safety Nuts. Due to the special structure of Spiralock Safety Nuts, the force of the thread is uniform, and it will…

What is hexagon copper bolt

What is hexagon copper bolt The definition of copper nut is the nut made of copper (generally lead brass, such as H59, H61) The copper nuts we come into contact with…

Five common types of self-locking nuts

What is aself-locking nut? Self-locking nut is a new type of high-vibration and anti-loosening fastening parts, which can be used in various mechanical and electrical products with a temperature of…